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Therapy Services:
  • Adult Therapeutic Services

  • Child & Adolescent Therapeutic Services

  • Employment Related Therapeutic Services

  • Treatment Program Development

  • Testing and Assessment​

  • Adult Assessment Services

  • Child & Adolescent Assessment Services

  • ​Employment Related Assessment Services

Home Studies:
  • Step Parent Adoption

  • Kinship Adoption

  • Private Adoption

  • Home Study Update

  • Post-placement Report

  • Court-Ordered custody social study

Forensic Services:
  • Criminal Forensic Services​

  • Civil Forensic Services

  • Military Forensic Services

  • Litigation/Trial Consultation Services



For more information on these services, please contact our office

NeurOptimal® Feedback:
  • Classified by the FDA as a “General Wellness” device

  • Something anyone can use!

  • Train your brain

Wellness Room:
  • Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair

  • Essential Oils

  • Meditation 

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