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Kevin Jeffries, LCDC


Kevin Jeffries provides mental health services for inmates at the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.  He is also accepting new clients in the office and assist on some psychological evaluations.


Kevin earned his Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice Administration in 2013 and a Masters Degree in Psychology and Behavioral Health in 2015 from the University of Phoenix.  Kevin continued his education in psychology at Walden University obtaining a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology in 2017.  He continues his education and is currently working toward his PhD in Clinical Psychology.  Kevin  is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern.


Kevin worked for the Mexia State Supported Living Center as a Behavioral Health Specialist and the Interim Director of Skills Acquisition and Planning. He then moved to the University of Texas Medical Branch - Correctional Managed Care where he provided mental health services to inmates at several Texas Department of Correctional Justices units.  


Prior to entering the mental health field, Kevin worked in law enforcement beginning in the early 1990s. He has worked as a dispatcher, police officer, deputy sheriff, deputy constable, jailer, and investigator. His experience in law enforcement and mental health provides him a unique ability to understand and help clients to reach their goals.  Kevin’s primary focus is on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Substance Abuse.  

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