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Carin Palmer, MS, LPC


Carin Palmer has been a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2013. She believes one of the hardest things you may ever have to do is ask for help.  It takes courage to be vulnerable in what may be a monumental hurt, life-changing event, or unbearable task.  

She wants to meet you right where you are and walk with you in your healing journey.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor she work with adults and adolescents experiencing symptoms related to depression, anxiety, and the effects of trauma.  After she meets and develop trust, with her clients she will determine the best way to work together to bring relief, promote change, or instill healing. She uses various modalities for therapy including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Mindfulness, or Rational Emotive Therapy and will extract various aspects of these approaches to best meet your needs.

Prior to private practice, she worked as a behavioral health evaluator in an Emergency Department completing mental health evaluations and determining best outcomes for clients.   She has 25 years of working in the mental health field in various settings including private practice, emergency medicine, inpatient psychiatric treatment, and adolescent treatment facilities. She graduated from Oklahoma State University  with a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Therapy and Southwestern Seminary with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling.

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