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Bershette "Shelley" Kerl, LPC, ASOTP

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Bershette “Shelley” Kerl adult and juvenile offenders, homeless, veterans, survivors of intimate partner violence, mentally ill, sex offenders, substance abuse affected, the aged and disabled, and abused, neglected and exploited children population. Shelley began her career as a public servant working for the State of Texas. She has worked in a transitional living center in El Paso where she was the Assistant Director/Case Manager Supervisor and acquired valuable experience working with women and children that have experienced intimate partner violence/domestic abuse. Shelley has also worked for the State of Texas working in two core programs that serve and provide services to the aged and disabled, and abused, neglected and exploited children population of El Paso, Ft. Bend, and Harris County, Texas. Shelley has provided rehabilitation and psychoeducational services to adjudicated teens from 14 to 17-years-of age in a rehabilitation program and provided other specialized psychoeducation/training and services in other local and state-based programs in the specialized and at-risk populations spectrum to include in the mental health field. In 2017, shortly after Hurricane Harvey landed and hit specific regions in Texas and Louisiana, Shelley was greatly affected by this devastating Category 4 Hurricane; however, this did not stop her, she still managed to graduate from Sam Houston State University with her Master of Arts degree with a Concentration in Clinical Mental Health and began her career as a Mental Health Clinician in 2019 with a renowned health science system. In her spare time, she enjoys fine dining experiences, playing turn-based strategy games, exploring and participating in motorsports, reading challenging books, learning new facts, and spending time with good friends and family. Here is something special about me, “I was taught to enjoy and to accept the differences in all people. This is what makes me unique.”

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