Suzanne White, LMSW


Suzanne is our counselor for adults, couples, older teens, and in some cases, children. She is a Master level Social Worker, with a degree from Baylor University, who was a counselor in Waco for three years before joining this practice.  She is currently earning hours toward her clinical license.  

If you are having trouble with depression or anxiety, have a history of trauma or have experienced sudden change or loss in your life, or if you are having family or interpersonal problems, including marital conflict, Suzanne would be honored to work with you.  Suzanne also has special training in a cognitive behavioral therapy for children and teens who have experienced trauma.   

Suzanne’s approach is client-centered because there is not a one-size-fits-all solution to change. Each individual has an innate inclination to grow, and a therapist’s job is to join an individual on that path and discern how to help based on their knowledge of human behavior, dysfunction, and how people thrive in life and relationships.  This “help” can come in the form of information, insights, and tools.  It can be holding up a mirror or pointing out where a person is getting their foot caught on a stone...or to use a mountain-climbing analogy, a therapist can see things as a climbing partner that a person cannot see for themselves, like where they may find solid footing for the next step.   

Most importantly, Suzanne can help a client discover the things they must practice in their life in order to get the results they want. Mindfulness-based tools help with negative thoughts that perpetuate depressive moods and with anxious thoughts that make it difficult to function as we would like to in our lives.  Interpersonal skills along with mindful insight into one’s own behaviors help people have better relationships.  Faith and spirituality can also be a part of meaningful change, and she does not shy away from incorporating it in psychotherapy when a client wishes to do so. 

Suzanne considers it a deep privilege to join people on their growth journeys and watch as they gain better functioning in their relationships and lives, gaining confidence in themselves and breakthroughs in their mental health.